To Transplant Hair or Not to: That is the Question

  Upon this globalized, modern-day planet, where a ‘perfect Facebook profile picture’ is larger than life, it is indeed sane to call hair transplant as the most ‘in’ thing. Your crop of tresses will earn you more compliments and confidence than a bald scalp or a receding hairline. The common notion: a bald person is […]

Few Hair Care Tips for Voluminous and Healthy Hair

Beautiful hair can really enhance your look by many folds and trying out various trendy hair styles becomes easier with healthy hair. Flaunting new hairdos suiting to the occasion and matching that particular look will definitely make you an eye candy. Instead if you have dry and brittle hair or dandruff problem, this can completely […]

Are you a Right Candidate For Hair Transplant ??

Not everyone is a candidate for Hair Transplant. The problem is that not many specialists say it. To avoid unpleasant surprises and possible frustration, it is best to consult a dermatologist, who will recommend the best treatment, according to the characteristics and needs of each individual. Hair grafting is a surgical procedure under local anesthesia, […]

Don’t Stress up! There are Numbers of Remedies to Check Your Hair-fall!

There is actually nothing more attractive than a head full of shining hair. Living in a society where looking gorgeous and stunning has a direct impact on your personal as well as social involvements; it’s not all unnatural on your part you to start losing your sleep due to excessive hair fall. So, if it […]

10 Tips on Weight Loss after Pregnancy: Stories of Celeb Moms

To become a mother is blissful. But, pregnancy brings along with it a lot of discomfort in the form of added weight. Yes, with breastfeeding and hormonal changes post delivery, women do lose those extra pounds somewhat. But, no matter how much weight you lose, regaining your old body shape can be very difficult. It […]

Hair Loss in Females: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Ladies, excessive and unexplainable hair loss can be frustrating and very depressing. But, why the hell do people lose hair? What goes wrong in the human body that make tresses fall at an alarming rate? Do external factors have a role to play, too? What’s the cure? Read on to know everything about hair loss, […]

Can Emotional Stress Causes Hair loss?

Emotional stress is one of the major reasons of hair loss which we are often unaware of and this aggravates the problem. Of-course there are various more factors that leads to hair fall and here we enlighten all. Keep on reading for amazing solutions too. Are you dealing with hair loss problems? Are you petrified by the […]