Hair Transplant in Kolkata – Procedures, Average Cost and Here Is Your Ultimate Guide

Kolkata is continuously picking up the pace in every sector with the passage of time. Whether it’s about hair transplant or other surgical procedure, this city has a lot to offer. Numerous clinics offering the service is scattered all over Kolkata, with a majority of them having years of industry presence. But before you avail the service, make sure you know the basics about the surgery.

Hair Transplant

Why Is It The Ultimate Cure For Hair Loss?

Even after gathering adequate knowledge about the various causes of hair loss and trying out various products to bring those hairs back, you are not being able to deal with the issue. Isn’t it?  The best you can do is opting for a hair transplant in Kolkata and get the opportunity to comb your luscious hair again. Are you one of those customers who doesn’t have adequate knowledge about the surgery or the cost involved? Don’t let this be the reason why you are refraining yourself from availing the service and have a look below.

What Exactly Is Hair Transplantation?

It is the hair restoration procedure through which healthy hair follicles is transformed from the donor’s site and put in the area where baldness has occurred. This is mainly done to rectify the pattern of male baldness and generally takes a whole day to complete. A local anesthesia or general anesthesia might be required and is dependent on how serious the surgery is. The clean area of the scalp is cleaned and made numb before the surgery begins.

Methods Of Hair Transplantation

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)


How Much Does The Surgery Cost

Hair Transplantation cost is generally dependent on the type of surgery one is opting for and the clinic one has approached. No reliable surgeon will ever quote a high bill for the surgery, so there’s simply nothing to worry about. A vital factor every surgeon in Kolkata considers before quoting a price for the surgery is the size of the area where new hair will be planted.

Not only should you consider the amount you have to spend for the surgery but also check whether it will affect your weekly or monthly expenses. It is advisable to have a clear conversation with your surgeon about the total price involved and whether you can avail a discount.

What Can You Expect After The Surgery?

Staying careful after the surgery is a must if you are willing to return to your daily life as soon as possible. Your scalp will be tender and soft so moving it randomly can cause much pain. A few dosages of painkillers might also be required, though taking the advice of your hair surgeon is highly recommended in this matter. They might even advice you to wear bandages for a few days as it will help in keeping your scalp protected from the dust and germs. If you follow the prescription and recommendations of your surgeon, stay assured of returning to your daily life very soon. To know more information click here.

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