All You need to know Before Opting for Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Are you suffering from tiny bald spots or hair thinning? Looking for the best solution to get rid of these problems? Well, all hopes are not lost yet as you can still avail effective treatment solutions. A good hair restoration clinic is all that you require for bringing back your lost glory!


While baldness is quite common among men, women often experience thinning of their tresses. Since these problems can have a direct effect on the personality and lifestyle of a person, a cosmetic surgery can help you in getting a look that lasts for a lifetime. Though there are numerous clinics throughout Kolkata, it is only when you know about the restoration process in detail, can you make an informed choice. A detailed knowledge of the re-installation process can even help you in analysing your suitability and choose the right PLCSC hair transplant clinic.

Take a look below to know everything about the restoration process!

About Hair Transplant In Kolkata

It involves the removal of follicles either from the back of the patient’s scalp or through scalp punch biopsies. Restoration nowadays is performed either by Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUE are groups of terminal manes occurred naturally along with arrector pilorum, sebaceous glands, occasional vellus tresses and neurovascular plexus with cuffs of adventitial dermis. Since each of these acts as distinct anatomic units, patients can experience better results with good cosmesis. It is due to this reason that they are a more preferable option as compared to other types of hair transplant in Kolkata. After conducting local anaesthesia, the dissected units get repositioned into your scalp. Since the process requires great skill, it usually takes around 5to 8 hours for restoration.

People Who Can Opt For Restoration

  • Men who are facing constant hair loss but have good occipital density.
  • People who are facing hair loss due to burns or trauma.
  • Women who are suffering from female pattern hair loss can benefit by increasing their frontal margin.

Ineligible Individuals

  • Men with unstable loss at their crown or facing frontal recession.
  • People having some unrealistic expectations.
  • People with insufficient occipital density required for restoration or facing dermatological issues at their donor site.

Cost Of Restoration

The hair transplantation cost in Kolkata can depend on a number of factors. The rates depend on how extensive the restoration procedure you are opting for is. Remember; the restoration clinic you are choosing should have experienced surgeons to offer high-quality and reliable services. The factors which affect the final billing are-

  • Number of hair follicles being grafted and restored.
  • Whether you are suffering from any dermatological illness.
  • Number of transplants you are undergoing- single or multiple.
  • Irregularities in the shape or condition of the area which is going to be restored.
  • The area where the restoration will occur.

Now that you are aware of the restoration process in detail, what are you still waiting for? Find a reputed restoration clinic in Kolkata and start availing some exceptional hair transplantation solutions!

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