5 Factors Which Influence the Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Is budget one of your top concerns while undergoing a restoration surgery? Looking for the best hair transplantation within your affordability? Still wondering how to take a smart decision without compromising on your budget or surgery? Relax. All you need to do is learn the factors which determine the rates of a hair restoration surgery.
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There is no denying the fact that no matter whichever kind of surgery you wish to undergo, its total expenditure will always be a primary concern. Not only do the rates influence your decision of opting for a surgery, but it even affects the final outcome. Thus, you need to opt for a restoration which is not only cost-effective but even efficient. It is here that your need for a prior idea about the factors determining the hair transplantation cost in Kolkata comes to the picture.
Take a look below to check out the essential factors which influence the cost of a hair restoration surgery!
Few Vital Factors Which Determine the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

  1. Expertise Of The Surgeon

Though you can avail the services of a newbie surgeon at lesser prices, a high skilled surgeon can assure of more effective services. While you may save a few bucks by availing the services of an amateur, a well-qualified surgeon can provide you with efficient results due to his vast expertise. Being a delicate procedure, it is always wise to opt for surgeons who are widely acknowledged for hair transplant in Kolkata.

  1. Techniques Used

When it comes to calculating the total expense of the surgery, people often miss considering the techniques used for their restoration. No matter whether you have decided to opt for Follicle Unit Extraction (FUT) or Follicle Unit Extraction (FUT), both have a significant cost difference. While it’s true that both these techniques have their own set of merits and demerits, FUE is more expensive than FUT.
cost of hair transplant

  1. Grafts Required

The cost of hair transplant in Kolkata hugely depends on the number of grafts required in the surgery or the total area which needs to be covered. This includes the amount of hair, volume and thickness of manes which the surgeons require in achieving your desired results. Remember; more is the number of grafts, more will be your total cost.

  1. Technology Used

Based on the technique you have decided to opt for, the technology used for a particular surgical procedure can vary. Further, this technique even varies from one centre to another. Since high-quality equipment plays a significant role in achieving desired results, the type of equipment used in your surgery can affect the total cost to a great extent.

  1. Post-Treatment Costs

After undergoing the surgery, it may or may not be essential for you to visit the clinic. While each of these visits will add up to the expense, you will have some basic expenditure like anti-biotic and various prescription-based medicines. However, patients who opt for surgery from a reputed clinic can be assured of minimal post-treatment expenses.

Now that you are aware of the vital factors, what are you still waiting for? Find a renowned clinic and be assured of cost-effective hair transplantation.

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