Preventing Hair Fall Gets Easier This Monsoon With 6 Cool Tips

While you listen to the rhythm of the falling rain and celebrate the arrival of monsoon, you must be wary of the humidity it brings with itself. Wondering why? Well, the monsoon humidity can take a toll on your hair by leaving the manes worn out, inert and brittle. This results in loss of curls. […]

6 Myths and Facts Related with Hair Transplantation

Losing hair is the biggest fear and the worst nightmare indeed. Mirror and camera become the ultimate foes as you fight against your worries. As a result, the rate of falling hair increases because tension and over thinking intensify the rate of hair falling. Most people want to regain their fallen beauty but retreat every […]

6 Best Home Care to Cope With Hair Fall in Monsoon

Hair fall is a nightmare. Only the people who are suffering from this problem can feel the pain. Mirror becomes the ultimate foe as it shows the bitter truth. And when  the monsoon comes the intensity of hair fall becomes double. It’s quite natural as the sudden climate change affects your scalp. As a result […]