Ask These Questions to Avoid the Risk factors of hair Transplantation

Months ago a very striking news created a tumultuous situation that bore the detailed description about the death of a medical student due to multiple organ failures after some days of having a hair transplantation surgery at a renowned salon in Chennai. He was being operated by an MBBS doctor from China and a veteran […]

6 Unusual Facts about Human Hair

If you think, there is not even a single thing on the earth that you don’t know about hair, then you are utterly wrong! Well, you may have a great fondness for hair style and, you may know a number of tricks to style your hair in the most fascinating way and also hair transplant in […]

The Post-Operative Measures You Need to Take After a Hair Transplant Surgery

“For the sake of quick healing and proper hair growth…” So, you underwent a hair transplant surgery to conceal your balding scalp? So far, so good! But, have you started taking the post-operative precautions yet? Well, it’s high time! The surgery is a very delicate procedure. And, it is required that you pay strict attention […]

Hair Transplant: The Blissful Solution for Your Hair Problems

In last few decades, medical science have evolved and improved a lot as the researchers are extremely enthusiastic about inventing new techniques to cure all the daily life issues. Years ago, there was hardly a process through which hair-loss problems can be cured.  But now, it is no longer a problem because there are various […]

5 Crazy Reasons Behind That Hair in Your Comb

That mass of tresses in your comb is never natural. Be patient and count it. If it’s exceeding 100, know that it’s time to rush to the doc. Your hair can fall out for some many reasons. And, it’s kind of demoralising, how thinning hairlines and bald scalps can almost make you a social outcast. […]

To Transplant Hair or Not to: That is the Question

  Upon this globalized, modern-day planet, where a ‘perfect Facebook profile picture’ is larger than life, it is indeed sane to call hair transplant as the most ‘in’ thing. Your crop of tresses will earn you more compliments and confidence than a bald scalp or a receding hairline. The common notion: a bald person is […]

Few Hair Care Tips for Voluminous and Healthy Hair

Beautiful hair can really enhance your look by many folds and trying out various trendy hair styles becomes easier with healthy hair. Flaunting new hairdos suiting to the occasion and matching that particular look will definitely make you an eye candy. Instead if you have dry and brittle hair or dandruff problem, this can completely […]