3 Factors Affecting The Cost Of FUE Hair Transplant In Kolkata

For someone not aware of the term, FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the preferred methods of hair transplantation that offers a permanent solution to the issue of balding due to hair loss. It is the method of obtaining the follicular units of the hair “in naturally occurring groups of one to four […]

Top 5 Effective Yoga Poses That Help You Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall!!! It’s the deadliest nightmare indeed. This is the most fearful process by which you can perceive your baldness regularly and helplessly in front of the mirror. Wait, what if I tell that you will reduce the amount or hair falling seating in your home? Surprised??? Yes, it’s true. Only some effective Yoga and […]

Ask These Questions to Avoid the Risk factors of hair Transplantation

Months ago a very striking news created a tumultuous situation that bore the detailed description about the death of a medical student due to multiple organ failures after some days of having a hair transplantation surgery at a renowned salon in Chennai. He was being operated by an MBBS doctor from China and a veteran […]

6 Myths and Facts Related with Hair Transplantation

Losing hair is the biggest fear and the worst nightmare indeed. Mirror and camera become the ultimate foes as you fight against your worries. As a result, the rate of falling hair increases because tension and over thinking intensify the rate of hair falling. Most people want to regain their fallen beauty but retreat every […]

The 6 “Knows” Of Hair Transplantation That You Should Not Miss Out

Hair transplant is a common phenomenon nowadays. It is seen and observed that more than 50% of the people are suffering from severe hair loss, and wish to have a permanent solution for it. Thus, what can be a better solution than Hair Transplant? But, many go through various kinds of apprehensions, and to solve […]

Beauty Guide: 5 Awesome Hacks to Make Those Thin Locks Look And Feel Fuller

Having thin tresses has been a common concern to every girl. And, if you fall into the group, then you must have tried everything to make it look fuller and fluffier. Teasing, blow drying and many more has been already applied, but did you get any result? Well, instead of trying the artificial ways of […]

Follow These 3 Ways to Have Thicker and Shinier Locks to Flaunt

Hair care is an essential, especially in this summer. If your body needs rest, moisture and protection from heat, then your hair needs that too. So, here we would discuss with three ways by which you can keep your hair in good shape all throughout the year. Change your hair care routine: Your hair care […]

5 Probable Reasons for Which You Are Facing Stagnancy in Hair Growth

Hair fall is common, as they say that if you lose 100 strands a day, it is okay. But, do you know that the amount or rate at which we lose locks, is always more than a hundred? Whenever, you brush, if your hair is not healthy, then you are sure to lose a minimum […]

What to Expect Regarding Rate of Hair Growth after Hair Transplant

You are eager about the growth of hair and check your scalp several times in the mirror after you are done with hair implantation. There is nothing unnatural about this as you would be getting something you have longed for. When you don’t find expected results, you get upset and think that it was a […]

Tensed about Thinning Hair? Read out These Effective Tips and Enjoy Its Upshots

Hair is undoubtedly the biggest asset that not only intensifies your look, but also helps you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are going to an office party or a wedding ceremony, a perfect hairstyle can help you steal the show. Thus, no matter what, we always take the best attempt to style our […]