Here are Your Top 7 Reasons to Choose Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Have you been suffering from baldness lately? Are you on the lookout for options to conceal it? Seeking a treatment where experts can understand your problems and offer the best solution? Trust us; opting for a restoration surgery can undoubtedly be your best way to bring back natural looking manes. No matter how long you […]


Have you lost your hair due to untimely fall? Do you wish to acquire new curls or an attractive mane? Wondering about a safe process? Opting for hair transplantation can be your ideal decision then! Trust us, among all the available options, this procedure can be the safest one due to its rich success record. […]

5 Queries About Hair Transplant Has Been Answered By Hair Experts

Your locks becoming thinner is definitely a greater headache than that pending promotion! Once you start losing hair, numerous questions will definitely crop up your mind. But experts believe that there is nothing to worry about as the issue is quite common all over the world. In fact, worrying about hair loss can actually worsen […]

4 Things That You Learn After Having A Hair Transplant

Are you feeling ashamed every time you stand in front of a mirror? Are you spending a lot of time thinking about your hair falling? Many of you made a decision to have a hair transplant, but at the end of the day defeat as they heard too much about the misconception of this process. […]

5 Must Known Hidden Facts About Hair Transplanting That You Must Know Before Going To A Surgery

HAIR FALL!!! OH!! People are scared of hair fall more than a confrontation with ghosts. Yes, they exist. Mirror becomes the ultimate foe. Living alone in their small rooms is the best pass time to do. Facing people and their forest of questions are the deadliest dream ever. Do you relate the situation? And I’m […]

Top 5 Effective Yoga Poses That Help You Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall!!! It’s the deadliest nightmare indeed. This is the most fearful process by which you can perceive your baldness regularly and helplessly in front of the mirror. Wait, what if I tell that you will reduce the amount or hair falling seating in your home? Surprised??? Yes, it’s true. Only some effective Yoga and […]

Ask These Questions to Avoid the Risk factors of hair Transplantation

Months ago a very striking news created a tumultuous situation that bore the detailed description about the death of a medical student due to multiple organ failures after some days of having a hair transplantation surgery at a renowned salon in Chennai. He was being operated by an MBBS doctor from China and a veteran […]

Want Hair Transplantation in Kolkata? Here is Some Pre-surgical Instruction Before Transplant

  Hair fall is frustrating indeed. Finding some falling hair in the comb is like a nightmare. But doesn’t worry, every problem has a solution. And transplantation of hair is the best solution for hair falling. Transplanting is not something that you get instantly. It’s a day-long process, which you have to go through for […]

6 Myths and Facts Related with Hair Transplantation

Losing hair is the biggest fear and the worst nightmare indeed. Mirror and camera become the ultimate foes as you fight against your worries. As a result, the rate of falling hair increases because tension and over thinking intensify the rate of hair falling. Most people want to regain their fallen beauty but retreat every […]

6 Best Home Care to Cope With Hair Fall in Monsoon

Hair fall is a nightmare. Only the people who are suffering from this problem can feel the pain. Mirror becomes the ultimate foe as it shows the bitter truth. And when  the monsoon comes the intensity of hair fall becomes double. It’s quite natural as the sudden climate change affects your scalp. As a result […]