Have you lost your hair due to untimely fall? Do you wish to acquire new curls or an attractive mane? Wondering about a safe process? Opting for hair transplantation can be your ideal decision then!

Trust us, among all the available options, this procedure can be the safest one due to its rich success record. Whether your problem is with thinner locks or the daily hair fall facing people with their bunch of weird questions is truly embarrassing. No matter what issue it is, you can now opt for a remedial process which has been a boon to many all over the world. Thus, if you are willing to regain your lost beauty, transplantation is undoubtedly the best solution for your problem!


Have a look below to know the steps involved in the surgery followed by some interesting facts!

Hair transplant in India: The Steps involved

  1. Preparation

Follicles from the back of your head will be removed to relocate them to the balding parts.

  1. Trimming of the Donor Area

Before commencing the surgery, hair in the donor area is trimmed.

  1. Preparing the donor area for surgery

Once they are trimmed, your donor area is given local anaesthesia.

  1. Removal of tissue in the donor area and then sutured

Tissue from the area which consists of bald follicles is removed surgically and the donor part gets sutured.

  1. Combed hair over sutured donor area

The sutures in your donor area remain hidden from your hair which was combed over them. These sutures are then removed on the 10th day from the date of the surgery.

  1. Donor tissue gets trimmed into follicular unit grafts

Surgical technicians then use microscopes to see the donor tissue for dissecting and preparing follicular grafts

  1. Preparing the bald area

Once you are given local anaesthesia, the balding area is prepared for the surgery. The bald area does not need any removal or trimming.

  1. Incisions

The follicular unit grafts are placed in the minute incisions which are made in an irregular pattern in the bald area.

  1. Grafts are placed as per densities

The smallest grafts are placed before the hairline while the denser ones are placed behind.

  1. Just after the surgery

Once the surgery for hair transplant gets over, minute incisions with short hair will be visible on the operated area.

  1. Closure

The marks heal naturally and the redness in the operated area vanishes within 7 days.

  1. Recuperation Time

Patients are usually allowed to shampoo their hair after 2-3 days. However, the scalp should be protected from sun and infections for some time.

Facts about Hair Transplantation

  • The transplanted hair starts behaving normally within 2-3 weeks of operation. The roots start sprouting hair naturally from then.
  • Since local anaesthesia is used, you are free from any pain. Further, you can go home the same day.
  • The cost of the surgery depends on the number of grafts used.
  • It is different from non-surgical restoration in which a base is fixed on the scalp.

So what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with reliable surgeons and schedule an appointment!

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